Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Raptors VS Orlando (Preview)

The Toronto Raptors flew to Orlando, to face the Orlando Magic today. The Raptors will play their second game without their injuried All Star Chris Bosh who is nursing a sore knee. To top it all of... the Raptors are heading into Orlando with a 2 game losing streak.

Dwight Howard is one of the best rebounders in the league and speaking about rebounding, the Raptors are... lets' just say not so good (being nice). Well, they better rebound tonight, or else this will be another disappointing loss, UNLESS they "out-score" their opponents, which is how this team is built, unfortunately, they really haven't been doing that.

... Jose Calderon has been in a funk lately, not sure what to make of it, perhaps all the playing time he's been getting with TJ out has caught up to him? I don't know, but he better break out of this funk soon, or we are in trouble. TJ is still trying to get back to where he was, but it will take time.

Andrea Barganani will have to be key in keeping this team in the top 5, especially with CB4 out. Anyway... My Keys To The Game?



- DRIVE TO THE BASKET!!! (Looks at Moon).

Go Raps Go.


Anonymous said...

Rebound is definitely key!